Building Information

Image from Lincoln County Mapsifter. Overhead view of Town of Wilbur with lot lines.

In the Town of Wilbur, building permits are required on all types of new construction, remodeling, or altering of any building in town – residential, commercial, or industrial. Permits are not required on any type of repairs considered normal maintenance, like: painting, wallpapering, adding insulation. However, any interior or exterior change of structure or remodeling will require a permit.

A special, no-charge Maintenance Permit is required for re-roofing, re-siding, replacing windows or installing a fence to maintain property lines and update property records.

All private swimming pools must have a fence at least 4-feet high surrounding the pool or the yard area in which the pool is located and include a latching gate openable only from the pool side. Covers are not a substitute for a fence. 

The Town of Wilbur provides building inspector services. Contact Mike Pasmore at with questions. Electrical inspections and permits are done through L & I out of Spokane: 509-342-2540 or 1-800-509-8847.

Click on the links below for zoning information, permit fee schedule and printable building permit forms.

See Wilbur’s Municipal Codes website for the rules about zoning and building in town.

For more information, contact Wilbur Town Hall. Call Monday-Friday, 9-4 pm, 509-647-5821 or fax 509-647-2047. Email

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Building Permit Form

Building Permit Site Plan

Maintenance Permit

Building Permit Fees Schedule

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Floodplain Development Permit

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